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TeacherEase iOS App


The upgraded iOS TeacherEase Parent/Student App allows users to receive notifications when events occur in the system, such as when a grade is entered or an announcement is sent. Users can stay updated without needing to login.

TeacherEase has implemented mobile notifications utilizing the Feed already within TeacherEase. Whenever a Feed item is generated, it can be pushed out as a mobile app notification and/or email. Users can control which actions create Feed items and notifications. These features allow users to customize the frequency and ways in which they receive notifications.

To receive notifications, install the TeacherEase app and enable notifications. After initial login, users can access the app with passcode, TouchID, and/or FaceID authentication. If you have already used the app, you will now be able to locate ‘notification settings’ through the ‘more’ tab. This will allow you to select your settings for notifications. 

 TeacherEase is currently under development with an Android version app which should be ready in the next few months. An update will be shared with you when TeacherEase releases this app version.