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Graduation Party Expectations

We ask that all students enjoy the party -- safely, maturely, and responsibly. It will make for a memorable night for all.

Please follow these guidelines to help make the event fun and safe for all.

  1. This is an event for the entire Class of 2024 – this is not a ‘date’ event.
  2. Treat one another and all property with respect.  
  3. Wear appropriate dress for this evening, as outlined in the invitation. 
  4. Students may wish to bring their phone to take pictures. There will be a backdrop in the gym lobby suitable for picture taking.  Your phone/camera is optional, but students are responsible for using it appropriately and keeping it safe during the party.
  5. Be courteous to all others.  Present yourself well and show respect for everyone by your behavior.  If at any time in the evening a student needs assistance, there will be parents and/or staff present to provide assistance.
  6. Students will be in the gyms, and gym lobby areas throughout the evening.
  7. All food/refreshments will be provided in the Large Gym area.  Help keep this area clean by placing all garbage in the trash cans provided.
  8. Parents should drop off students between 7:00 and 7:05 p.m. Pick-up in the parking lot outside the gym lobby is at 9 p.m. sharp—students should not have to call home for a ride.  All students stay at the party for the two-hour time period
  9. Remember, all school expectations apply to this NBJH PTO event. We ask that everyone come to the party knowing how to have a good time in a responsible manner. We do not want to have to ask anyone to go home from the party early for misbehavior.