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Other End-of-Year Information


Yearbooks will be distributed at school on Tuesday, May 28 if it was ordered during spring registration. Students will have the opportunity to sign each other’s yearbooks. We expect all of our students to treat one another with respect and kindness. No one should write anything that is distasteful or inappropriate in another’s book. There will be consequences for any poor choices, including paying for another’s yearbook. Let’s promote respect for one another in the yearbook signings.

Graduation Party

The PTO-sponsored graduation party will be held at the NBJH Main Gym on Tuesday, May 28 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  (Invitations have been delivered to the students and RSVP responses were already due.)  This is a class of 2024 party, not a ‘date’ night. Students should arrive via the gym lobby at 7:00 p.m. and should be picked up promptly at 9:00 p.m.  The evening includes a DJ, games, food/refreshments and a whole lot of fun!  Parent chaperones will be present throughout the night.  All school rules apply to this party. 

Please refer to the 8th Grade Graduation Party Expectations & guidelines to help make the vent fun and safe for all.{link to document – all of this will be posted under 8th Grade Information on the website}

Completions and Closure for the Year

To finish the year, all 8th graders must check in all textbooks and library books; clean out and clean up their lockers; take home all notebooks, personal belongings, and clothing; and pay all fines or debts, including book and/or technology fees. We ask that if your child has books or other school materials at home, please see that they get returned to school.  The cost of iPads, chargers and book replacement is often quite high, so your help in returning them is beneficial to all. 

High School Preference and Records for Next Year

Throughout this year we have processed and have written recommendations for several NBJH ’24 students who applied to high schools other than GBN.  Please send Dr. Meek an email before May 24, indicating what high school your son or daughter will be attending if it is not GBN. (  If we can be of further help with your application to a high school besides GBN, please contact Dr. Meek. We will be communicating with GBN at year’s end, and forwarding student records to the proper high schools for their review and use.