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Graduation Practice and Ceremony

Graduation Practice and Exercises

Graduation practice will be held in our gym on Wednesday morning, May 29, the same day as graduation.  Students are to report to school at the regular time.  In order to participate in the ceremony and receive a diploma, all 8th graders must participate in the full rehearsal, start to finish. Our plan is to complete graduation rehearsal by 11:30/12:00; students will be dismissed for the day once the practice concludes. 

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 29, beginning promptly at 6:00 p.m., in the Sheely Center for the Performing Arts (CPA) at Glenbrook North High School. The ceremony is expected to last a little over an hour. No tickets are required for this event. The facility is air-conditioned. The entrance to the auditorium is on the south side of the high school building.  There is also a handicap-access ramp in the front of the auditorium. Be prepared for and allow enough time for a busy, full parking lot.  We ask that our guests be seated prior to 5:50 p.m. and that families sit together.  Please contact Mrs. Gail regarding ADA seating, if needed.

All students in the graduation class should be dropped off at the CPA entrance by 5:30 p.m. promptly to prepare for the ceremony.

Appropriate decorum - We want each student’s name to be heard by every family member and friend who has come to see that special person graduate. Please allow individual graduates their moment to receive their diploma with honor and refrain from any disruptive cheering for individual students.

Graduation Gowns and Dress Attire

If your family placed an order at the beginning of the year during registration, your graduate will receive their graduation gown during X-Block on Wednesday, May 22. (Students may choose to wear a sibling’s gown if desired.) Please remove the gown from its packaging and place it on a hanger to help remove the creases and wrinkles.  Use a cool iron if necessary. The students do not wear a graduation cap during the ceremony. Appropriate attire for the ceremony includes: a collared dress shirt and tie, dress pants, dark socks and dress shoes; a skirt and blouse or dress and dress shoes. 

NOTE/Safety Matters:  Students will be walking a good distance (processional and recessional) and going up and down stairs several times in the evening. Please remind your student of this when selecting styles of shoes

After the Ceremony

Students receive their diplomas during the ceremony so they can meet you directly in the cafeteria afterwards. The PTO will be offering cookies and light refreshments for families so they can socialize and take pictures. We will provide a backdrop with the NBJH logo for families who would like to take photos of their graduate with friends or family members.